Is dronescan autonomous?

Not yet. Our current system requires an operator to guide the drone down the aisle. It's easier than it seems, the drone is inherently stable and will not crash into obstacles in front, behind and to the sides of it even if you try! We are working on a system that will be able to scan on its own but will still need an observer to change the battery.  As drone and battery technology improves, we will adapt our product to work on the automated platforms when they are commercially available.


how long is battery life?

The battery lasts 10 minutes. To scan continuously all day you need to buy 12 batteries, have 6 on charge and 6 in the aisle, fly for 60 minutes using the 6 batteries then put them on charge and collect a fresh set of 6.


What is the scanning performance like?

The fastest we have scanned is one pallet every 2 seconds. this is possible when the barcodes are large and all aligned at the same height. Sadly this scenario rarely exists in a real warehouse and we have only come across it once in one portion of a warehouse when we got the opportunity to do a brief speed run. In most real world warehouses an operator can scan between 6 and 11 pallets per minute.


How do you know the location? 

Location is important to us. Pallet and position is critical for any WMS. We use a few ways of determining the location of the item scanned depending on how your warehouse is setup and what information is available. If a pallet is scanned into the wrong location the operator is immediately informed audibly on the drone and in the UI and can correct the location if it is a genuine mistake.


What about photos?

If you elect to attach a camera, we do automatically record photos of everything scanned and you can put a second camera onboard as well. Cameras are optional if you just want to scan barcodes.


How much does it cost?

Pricing is on our products page, no hidden costs, we realise that you need to make an ROI soon after investment. There is an initial project cost which includes pre-project work, integration, training and of course the equipment.


Does Dronescan make your own drones?

No we use the stock standard DJI Matrice M100 , you can buy it directly from DJI if you want and attach our equipment to it. Spares are readily available.


Is the dronescan solution portable?

Yes we designed it to travel in normal checked airline luggage within the weight limits. We even have our own drone case which fits our equipment or you can buy a standard drone case and modify it to take the scanning assembly.


is the DroneScan equipment robust?

Yes its designed for industrial use and can take a few knocks and scrapes and heavy landings (not crashes), it does not go out of alignment or out of focus with repeated use. Our embedded processor means almost instant startup time and repeatable reliable behaviour. Our system is simple and self contained and can be fitted to a drone in just 15 minutes with simple tools and 8 bolts.


Can the drone be re-purposed?

Yes, you can remove our payload and use the drone for other uses and then refit our payload when you want to scan again.