Stock Take, Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting


Traditional methods of scanning stock involve lifting staff up to great heights using a forklift. 

The DroneScan system provides a revolutionary solution to scanning products and pallets in warehouses. The drone lifts a barcode scanner up to the high shelves and methodically moves down the aisles scanning pallet barcodes, while the operator receives live feedback as it scans.

A live video feed allows the operator to Inspect the condition of products or verify the contents of the pallets.

Video and photo Images can later be associated to scanned items in the database for off-line viewing.

The simplicity of the DroneScan system means that there are no expensive infrastructure costs needed to setup a warehouse.

The only preparation is to load up a file of the warehouse contents into the DroneScan database , and prepare the drone and scanner. After or during  scanning, reports and files can be generated and sent directly to the warehouse manager or uploaded directly into the WMS.

The DroneScan system is portable, one drone can be utilised in different warehouses. The drone and payload can be setup in 10 minutes and packed away in 5 minutes and moved to another location.  it comes with a robust travel case and can be transported within airline baggage weight allowances.

Some warehouses have good quality bin location barcodes correctly positioned on the racks, in this case the drone can scan the bin location barcodes on the racks and use it to improve the accuracy of the position estimation.


Inspection of stock

Inspecting the condition of items or verifying the contents of a product is usually done manually. DroneScan provides a way to do this quickly and efficiently. As the drones are fitted with a camera, DroneScan allows still images to be taken for later processing, or a live video feed for FPV viewing.

The still images and the video footage can be uploaded to the server and linked to the item in the warehouse management software for later retrieval and reporting purposes.

The DroneScan software associates images with scanned items and this can be viewed offline using the DroneScan software or uploaded to the customer's WMS.


 Stock Take or Physical Inventory traditionally done using forklifts
 Drones are used as a revolutionary airborne data capturing system
 DroneScan has created an airborne data capturing and processing system