The drone logs its data to the DroneScan database, the ground station software integrates to customer systems, files and the cloud, not only for storing the data scanned, but to provide position and navigation information to the drone.

The DroneScan ground station tablet and software communicates with the drone via a peer to peer RF connection. This leaves the tablet's wifi connection available for communicating with the customer's network, allowing for real time integration.

Customised integration solutions can be developed using the following technologies:

  • File import/export  (e.g. Excel, CSV, Tab Delimited, XML)
  • Web Services (e.g. REST, SOAP)
  • API (e.g. RFC, BAPI)
  • IoT (Azure IoT hub)

We have experience integrating to ERP systems such as SAP, Sage, Syspro and others, and can build additional customised systems around customer's unique requirements.