DroneScan as a solution


DroneScan has developed an airborne data collection system to provide large uniform warehouses with a robotic solution for stock take (inventory), providing live feedback and integration with Warehouse Management systems. It has proven to save hundreds of man-hours but most importantly has provided a safer alternative to traditional labour intensive methods involving reach trucks, forklifts, man-cages and scissor-lifts. 

DroneScan uses a drone to scan the barcode on each pallet and records the location of each item in the warehouse management system, proving to be up to 50 times faster than manual capturing. 

DroneScan uses the latest drone platforms, hardware, software, scanning and communications technology and integrates to existing warehouse management systems and Excel.

The DroneScan system provides two revolutionary solutions to scanning products and pallets in warehouses. Either the Hadeda system, consisting of a Drone and Dronescan payload which reaches the high shelves and methodically moves down the aisles scanning pallet barcodes. Or the Buffalo unit which is lifted by forklift to the correct shelf height while the operator receives live feedback as it scans.


Physical Inventory

DroneScan uses drones to capture data in warehouses, an airborne solution to Physical Inventory

When conducting stocktake (inventory), staff are traditionally lifted up to the high shelves using a forklift, reach truck or scissor lift where they manually scan each barcode and pallet. This process is time consuming, costly, dangerous and energy inefficient.

The DroneScan system provides a revolutionary robotic solution to scanning products and pallets in warehouses. The drone allows for airborne capturing of data while the operator receives live feedback as it scans. Inspecting the condition of products or verifying the contents of pallets can be easily achieved as the drone is also fitted with a camera.


Drones are used in large, uniform warehouses to do physical inventory, and they provide live feedback

The DroneScan base station communicates via a dedicated RF frequency (not WiFi or Bluetooth) and has a range of over 100m. A Windows touch screen tablet allows the operator to  receive live feedback both on screen and from audible cues as the drone scans and records data.

A high visibility display is mounted at an angle on the drone providing instant feedback of the BIN location, incremental scan number, battery life and information about the scanned item, this allows the operator to focus on the drone without needing to glance down at the tablet. The drone also emits an audible beep and flashes a light as a scan success indicator.

The tablet is pre-loaded with status and reconciliation reports and the operator can view and export them at any time.


The DroneScan software can integrate fully with the warehouse database

The drone logs information into the DroneScan database and combines it with customer information loaded in via Excel or other file types or by directly calling an API to the customer's systems. The imported data is used to re-build a virtual map of the warehouse so that the location of the drone can be determined. 

All aspects of the imported data are customisable by modifying scripts, the customisation changes the way the system works and how the scanned data is processed.

The DroneScan software uploads scanned data and drone position information to the cloud (Azure IoT), to the customer systems (web services, RFC's API's or BAPI's) and exports the data to Excel. 

“DroneScan have impressed us with the ease of use of their solution and the speed and enthusiasm with which they have turned around incremental innovations.” Project Manager, A large FMCG multinational
"LF Logistics has engaged DroneScan to explore strategic application and deployment of drone as a way to continually uplift its vast operations in Asia." LF Logistics